Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Get to know the people that will make your journey with us as easy and productive as possible!

Jackson Hegerfeld Land Broker / Auctioneer / Farm Manager

Growing up in Elkton, South Dakota on a cattle and row crop farm, Jackson understands the agricultural community along with the commitment and hard work it takes for a family business to be successful.

Jackson is currently a Land Broker, Auctioneer, and Farm Manager across South Dakota and Minnesota. He is the lead auctioneer and Broker for the Advantage Team. His experience in farm management has led him to improve several farms efficiencies, yields, and acres into production through various farm projects. Being a regional land broker he has a wide spectrum of knowledge on different rental rates, land values and active buyers across the region.

As a graduate of Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD, Jackson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a Minor in Economics. Throughout his years at Northern State he was honored to be a team captain for NSU Football his senior year.

Jackson married his high school sweetheart, Barbara, and they now have 4 children, Mason, Dawson, Hudsyn, and Madisyn. Jackson is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys playing with his kids, hunting, farming, working cattle, and spending time around a campfire with friends and family. Jackson manages the family farm near Elkton for row crop production and prime habitat for wildlife. His experiences of growing up on a farm have built Jackson's knowledge base and passion for agriculture and the outdoors that continue to grow more each day.

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Megan Hammond Land Broker / Auctioneer

As a 4th generation South Dakota family business owner, Megan knows and continues to learn the value of family and excellence in service as modeled by her family and previous generations. Her passion runs deep for families, farming and ranching as her experience growing up on a family farm and cattle operation in South Dakota has taught her a great deal.

Megan is a licensed land broker, auctioneer, ringman and land manager in South Dakota and Minnesota, selling farms and ranches across South Dakota and Minnesota, since 2008.

Megan is dedicated to excellence in her craft and is enthusiastic about continued education as she graduated from Continental Auction School and Texas Auction Academy. More recently she is honored to be a graduate of Certified Auctioneer Institute (CAI) and the World Champion Ringman College (WCRC). She is active in the South Dakota Auctioneer Association (SDAA), the National Auctioneer Association (NAA) and continues to attend further education for personal and professional growth.

Her husband Lane and daughters Josephina and Ruth are integral parts of Megan’s present and future success!

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Chuck Hegerfeld Broker Associate

Humility. Integrity. Reliability. Having been in finance his entire adult life, Chuck has foundational experience. The value he brings to land owners and buyers through his understanding of finance, investments and economics is priceless. He has served in the real estate sector for 19 years, assisting in marketing a variety of South Dakota and Minnesota properties.

With a degree in agricultural economics from South Dakota State University, Chuck's primary focus is serving as the President of BankStar Financial, which he has led since 1998 and grown from one to three locations in Brookings County, South Dakota.

Chuck and his wife Toni have four daughters and are active in their community and church. Chuck enjoys an occasional pheasant hunt, spending time with family, taking in his daughter's basketball & volleyball games and being a subtle, but influential family member. Chuck not only is a valued part of our family but is a tremendous asset to our family business as his character and attitude steer us toward building lifetime relationships.

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Laura Hegerfeld Broker Associate

Proud to be a native of South Dakota, Laura was raised on a farm near Howard with a family background in farming and ranching. She has continued that lifestyle in Brookings County for the past 33 years while raising three successful children. As a real estate agent since 2011, her experience with families, cattle & crops throughout her lifetime makes her an invaluable asset to anyone selling land, as her wisdom and compassion helps others walk step by step through difficult situations. Her ability to offer practical solutions with common sense is among the best. Laura's bookkeeping experience for a commercial cattle operation provides skills of attention to detail and ability to multitask.

Because she is very much family oriented, one of her greatest joys is spending time with her 8 grandchildren on the family farm near Elkton, SD. Laura has recently accomplished several extended bicycle rides, taking in the beautiful scenery of South Dakota, from the corn belt to the Black Hills. One of her favorite hobbies is horseback riding on the trails across South Dakota and Minnesota.

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