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Beadle County Land Auction

Auction Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 11AM

On-Line Bidding Available: Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Auction LocationCrossroads Event Center - Huron, SD



Date of Auction




Legal: S1/2 SEC 10-T109N-R64W; N1/2 and SE1/4 all in SEC 15-T109N-R64W; N1/2 and SW1/4 all in SEC 13-T109N-R64W; All in Beadle County, South Dakota.

Owners:  Reva M. Stengle Trust (Harold & Reva Nordaker Farm) and Della Tschetter


Closing to take place on or before December 9th, 2022. Possession will be given March 1, 2023. Sold subject to written lease expiring February 28, 2023. Upon acceptance of the sale by the seller, a non-refundable earnest money deposit equal to 10% will be due at the conclusion of the sale. If the buyer is not immediately available at the conclusion of the auction, the purchase agreement and non-refundable earnest money deposit must be complete within 24 hours from the close of the auction. The balance will be due at closing. Acres may change due to platted acres upon Tracts selling separately survey/plat to be required and split between buyers and sellers on Tract 1, Tract 3, Tract 4 and Tract 5 if sold separately. Closing date timing may be extended if plats are conducted. Merchantable title will be conveyed, and title insurance cost will be divided 50/50 between the buyer and seller. Closing costs are to be split 50/50 buyer and seller. The 2021 RE Taxes due and payable in 2022 have been paid by the seller. The 2022 RE Taxes due and payable in 2023 will be paid by the seller, as a credit to the buyer at closing based on the most current tax information available. The seller does not warranty or guarantee that existing fences lie on the true boundary, and any new fencing will be the responsibility of the purchaser pursuant to SD statutes. FSA yields, bases, payments, and other information are estimated and not guaranteed, and are subject to County Committee Approval. Information contained herein is deemed to be correct but is not guaranteed. Sold subject to existing easements, restrictions, reservations, or highways of record, if any, as well as any or all Beadle County Zoning Ordinances. If Tracts 1, 3, 4, or 5 are sold separately, a survey/plat will be required prior to closing with costs being split between buyers and sellers of said tracts. According to the survey/plat, acres may change and the purchase price will be adjusted according to the platted acres. The RE licensees in this transaction stipulate that they are acting as agents for the seller. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any written materials. This is a cash sale. Property is sold as is. This sale is subject to Seller Confirmation. Deer stands are not included. Not responsible for accidents. Tracts will be offered individually, any combination, and as a unit.


Advantage Land Co. proudly presents 1,276+/- acres of quality and versatile dirt nestled in the well-known cattle, crop and pheasant county just a few short miles Southwest of Wolsey, SD and a few miles Northwest of Alpena, SD. This property’s well-stewarded cropland, quality pastures with strong fences, building sites, rural water accessibility and easy access make for a powerful, tangible addition to suit your needs. The soil majority is Class II with nearly 885 acres of good dirt ranked at 84% or stronger Productivity Index. FSA reports a total of 755.41 Cropland acres with 674.8 total base acres comprised of 312.3 Corn base with a 126 bu PLC yield, 321.8 Soybean base with a 38 bu PLC yield, and 40.7 Sunflower base with a 1920 lb PLC yield along with 502.82 acres of native sod, pastureland and building sites. This area comes natural to wildlife of all kinds including upland birds, waterfowl, and North America's #1 game species. With farmyards and shelter belts, quality dirt to pastureland with good stable water sources, this property has the ability to provide any owner a sustainable and long-term investment strategy.

Location from Junction of Hwy 14 & Hwy 281, SD: Travel South on Hwy 281 for 8 miles. Turn West on County Road 28 or 216th Street. Tracts 6 and 7 sit on the south side of the road.   Two miles west of Hwy 281 on County Road 28 or 216th Street tees into junction of Tract 2 and Tract 3.




Acres: 360+/-  Taxes:  $3,992.88  Legal: NW1/4 of SEC 15-T109N-R64W; SW1/4 SEC 10-R109N-R64W; W1/4 of SE1/4 of SEC 15-T109N-R64W; All in Beadle County, South Dakota.


·         360+/- Acres of Continuous Grassland

·         Natural Dam and a Dugout

·         Gently Rolling Topography

·         Quality Seasonal Grasses


Let this be your abundant summer pasture and watch your livestock roam through quality grass and drink from Sand Creek that flows through the property. With 360+/- acres of strong fence lines and an additional water dam and dugout, this continuous virgin sod grazing location provides a mix of bountiful season grasses essential for livestock and as well as being conducive to recreational hunting activities. Access from the South 40+/- acres will be platted through Tract 4 if sold separately by way of a 30' alley on the Southwest corner of Tract 4. Don’t miss the opportunity to own your grazing haven and get this land added to your portfolio on auction day!




Acres: 160+/-  Taxes:  $3,109.10  Legal: SE1/4 SEC 10-R109N-R64W Beadle County, South Dakota. 


·         82.6% Soil PI Overall

·         Class II Soils

·         High Percentage Tillable

·         For Modern Day Equipment


This cropland tract boasts a productive 160+/- acres primarily comprised of Class II soils with an average of 82.6% PI, gently rolling slopes and straight rounds. With 151.07 Cropland acres, this tract offers the opportunity to farm quality land with very few obstacles. FSA reports 136.70 total base acres including 63.03 Corn base with a 126 bu PLC yield, 65.20 Soybean base with a 38 bu PLC yield, and 8.20 Sunflower base with a 1920 lb PLC yield. If you’re in the market for income producing property, this is your chance to take Advantage of this opportunity.




Acres: 107+/-  Taxes:  $2,280.12  Legal: NE1/4 SEC 15-T109N-R64W less the farm site in Beadle County, South Dakota.


·         81.4% Soil PI Overall

·         Compliments Tract 2 Well

·         High Percentage Tillable

·         Eye Appeal & Easy Access


Tract 3 has a total of 107+/- acres of primarily Class II soils ranking at an overall PI of 81.4%. This gently rolling land gives operators an advantage with a majority tillable and excellent eye appeal. FSA reports 104.90 cropland acres with a total of 95 base acres including a 44 acre Corn base with a 126 bu PLC yield, a 45 acre Soybean base with a 38 bu PLC yield, and a 6 acre sunflower base with 1920 lb PLC yield. Take Advantage of this productive land and come prepared on sale day to bid and to buy!




Acres: 53+/-  Taxes:  $1,129.40  Partial Legal: The Southern 53+/- Acres of the NE1/4 SEC15-T109N-R64W in Beadle County, South Dakota.


·         53+/- Acres Versatile Acreage Site with a PI of 84.9%

·         13.27 FSA Reported Crop Land

·         2 ¼ Miles off SD HWY 281

·         Mature Shelter Belt & Water Sources


This all-inclusive tract of land gives any owner the ability to tailor their homestead to their specifications. Tract 4 offers up 53+/- acres of versatility which includes an old farm site, over half mile of shelter belt plus other tree groves, established feedlots and holding pens, barn, cattle shed, and large machinery building, paddocks, and crop or hay land. Located just a couple miles West of SD HWY 281, South of Wolsey, SD, this parcel presents the perfect opportunity to build a foundation in agriculture utilizing it as working ranch, a hobby farm with good hunting opportunities, or convert all the acres into grade-A row crop production with an overall soil productivity index of an 84.9%. With pulled electrical and rural water available, along with an artesian well and pump, this farmstead is suitable to build a home for country living as it provides protection from the elements with the surrounding mature tree lines. FSA also reports 13.27 crop land acres of good Class II dirt. Take Advantage of this location and atmosphere and join us on auction day.




Acres: 120+/-  Taxes:  $1,992.90  Partial Legal: E1/2 SE1/4 and E1/2 of W1/2 SE1/4 Sec 15-T109N-R64W all in Beadle County, South Dakota (To Be Surveyed). 


·         Overall Soil PI of 78.8% - Majority PI over 84%

·         112.87 FSA Cropland Acres

·         Minimal Waste Acres

·         Easy Access off 217th St


With a total of 120+/- acres, Tract 5 offers an overall Soil PI of 78.8% containing a majority of 84% and 88% with Class II Houdek-Prosper loams comprised of gentle rolling topography. FSA reports 112.87 Cropland Acres, and 100.7 Base Acres including a 46.5 acre Corn Base with a 126 bu PLC yield, a 48 acre Soybean Base with a 38 bu PLC yield, and a 6.2 acre Sunflower Base with a 1920 lb PLC yield. This tract has few obstacles, is convenient for modern-day equipment, and has a balance of a small slough and waterway. Take Advantage of this opportunity to increase your tillable acres and expand your overall portfolio.




Acres: 160+/-  Taxes:  $2,988.72  Legal: NW1/4 SEC 13-T109N-R64W Beadle County, South Dakota.


·         Overall Soil PI of 78.8% - 135.24+/- acres with PI over 84%

·         134.38 FSA Cropland Acres

·         Artesian Well 

·         Recreational Highlights

·         Old Barn, large Cattle Shed, and Mature Trees


This 160+/- acres situated in Tract 6 boasts an artesian well and productive cropland with majority class II Houdek-Prosper Loam soils reporting a PI of over 78.8%. With 134.38 Cropland acres, this offers the opportunity to farm a quality land tract with recreational attributes and mature trees surrounding approximately 8 acres of pasture with previous cropping history.  FSA reports 118.34 total base acres including a 54.76 Corn base with a 126 bu PLC yield, a 56.45 Soybean base with a 38 bu PLC yield, and a 7.13 Sunflower base with a 1920 lb PLC yield, the balance is made up of an older farmstead with a barn and large cattle shed including an artesian well.  If you’re in the market for income producing property, this is your chance! Join us, bid, and buy on sale day! 




Acres: 155.99+/-  Taxes:  $2,541.68  Legal: NE1/4 SEC 13-T109N-R64W Beadle County, South Dakota.


·         101+/- Crop Land According to FSA with a PI of 78.8%

·         Majority Soil with Over 84% PI

··       Convenient Access Directly Off Hwy 281

· ·       Quality Pasture with Dugout and Waterway


With a total of nearly 156+/- acres, Tract 7 is equipped with gently rolling cropland, lush pastures, a dugout, and easy access with SD HWY 281 directly to the East. With 97.05 Cropland acres and 54.05 virgin sod acres according to FSA, this versatile tract gives operators and investors the ability to adapt to a variety of needs. FSA reports 85.45 total base acres including a 39.54 Corn base with 126 bu PLC yield, 40.76 Soybean base with 38 bu PLC yield, and 5.14 Sunflower base with 1920 lb PLC yield.




Acres: 160+/-  Taxes:  $2,655.52  Legal: SW1/4 SEC 13-T109N-R64W Beadle County, South Dakota. 


·         Strong Soil PI of 76.4% - 123+/- Acres with PI of 84%

·         143.75 FSA Cropland Acres

·         Hayland, Sloughs and a Dugout

·         Build Your Recreational Paradise


With a total of 160+/- acres, and 143.75 FSA reported Cropland acres, this tract brings all kinds of possibilities. Tract 8 provides great opportunity for any operator or investor to advance their portfolio with 123+/- acres of Class II Hodek-Prosper Loams ranking at an 84% PI. FSA reports 124.91 base acres with a 57.8 Corn base at 126 bu PLC yield, a 59.59 Soybean base at 38 bu PLC yield, and a 7.53 Sunflower base at a 1920 lb PLC yield.  This well-stewarded crop and hay land inside Beadle County offers a Dugout and sloughs for the outdoor enthusiasts alike. Take this opportunity to acquire a piece of land and gain memories and benefits for years to come!