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Why list with United Country - Advantage Land Company?

United Country - Advantage Land Company is a 3rd generation family business that is honored to serve you as part of our family. Our family business dates back to 1955 when H.E. Hegerfeld was licensed. Our current family team is rounded out with Charles Hegerfeld, Land Broker, Jackson Hegerfeld, Land Broker/Auctioneer, Megan Hammond, Land Broker/Auctioneer, Laura Hegerfeld, Broker Associate, Lisa Gebhart, Broker Associate, and Dave McMahon, Broker Associate.

Having farm, ranch and banking roots near Elkton, South Dakota, UC-ALCO understands rural markets, the value of the land and the family history that goes along with farmers and ranchers. Our family shares a combined 94 years of real estate experience, 101 years of banking and finance expertise, and 115 years of farm and ranch operations.

In addition to traditional real estate services, the UC-ALCO team expanded into Farm Management, Live & Online Auctions in 2008 with the UC Auction Services team, the largest integrated auction & real estate team in the nation. We are partnered with United Country Auction Services for your benefit in experiencing the powerful network of over 3,000 owned, top-ranked real estate and auction websites. Our listed properties are posted on websites that are found on the 1st page of Google searches. United Country also offers a team of around 500 offices working together internationally and an enhanced marketing solutions team.

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Plus United Country - Advantage Land Company's added marketing services

- Industry's biggest and best national buyer database with over 300,000 profile names
- Metropolitan newspaper adds
- Property is showcased on United Country's industry leading website that has nearly 1,000,000 visitors per month, 21 million page views and 100 million hits
- Effective marketing program that reaches 90 million homes per week through their NINE publications, with a cumulative circulation of over 1.2 million, and other print media
- Networking of 3,500 representatives in 44 states serving clients from more than 20 countries
- Your properties OWN WEBSITE designed and placed into specific categories by our web design team and kept toward the top of the search engines for optimal recognition. (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
- Get a list exclusively for your property, a list that includes more than 100 million consumers and thousands of businesses than can be sorted by age, income, geography, lifestyle interests and more.
- Direct mail campaign targeted to the most likely buyers for the property (in-state & out-of-state)
- Online Auction Service for buyers around the world
- Recognition by "The Wall Street Journal" as a top 1 percent franchise performer

Sell Property Faster

In today's market, may owners have let their property set on the market for a long period of time. This process ends up costing tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in interest expenses, insurance, property taxes, maintenance costs and, in today's market, the threat of declining value. The "auction" is the fastest way to get market value for your property. We will carry out a marketing plan that will reach a broad audience of potential buyers and help generate enthusiasm for your property. Auctions have very distinct advantages when selling investment grade and lifestyle real estate and the most notable are:
- Short time on the market reduces high carrying costs
- Focuses the market's attention on your property, making it stand out in the crowd
- Auctions offer a fair, transparent process for all parties involved
- Only an auction truly reveals a property's current fair market value
- Auctions create a sense of excitement and urgency
- It brings multiple buyers together at one time and they are all making offers at the same time
- You can feel comfortable knowing that you are getting true market value
- With our campaigns, your property is marketed to millions of people and not just on a local scale
- 1031 Exchanges can be facilitated with speed and ease

Benefits to the Seller

Selling your real estate online can be very beneficial. There is a growing amount of people buying online everyday, just for the simple fact that it is convenient to them. Increasing numbers of serious bidders make the atmosphere much more competitive for your real estate as well. People buy real estate online for the convenience and ease contrary to traditional auctions. is a place where people can bid from anywhere around the world with a click of a button.

Best Price

Most economists believe that the "auction" is the best technique in achieving the best price for real estate settling at market value. It is also the most effective way of marketing anything that buyers may place a different value on. Allowing all interested buyers to compete for your property, through open bidding, is the best way you can be assured that you have received the best value.

Reserve Price

You, as the seller, will be able to set a "reserve price." This is the minimum price you would accept to sell your property. In the event that your property was bid below your reserve price, you have the option to sell your property. If the price meets or exceeds your reserve price, you will be obligated to sell your real estate to the highest bidder. The reserve price eliminates your risk as a seller if it does not bring your desired price.

Advertising Campaign

There must be a plan from the beginning for marketing your property. With over ten years experience in the real estate industry and now affiliated with United Country we will market to an audience not only in the local market, but across America.

United Country Real Estate advertises individual properties in over 250 magazines, publications, and web sites. It is the only national franchise that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small city, rural, and country markets. Through United Country's extensive marketing plan, they have generated over 300,000 buyer names in a database. This database is considered a non-urban list of buyers that want to buy real estate.

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