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Advantage Land Company - How to Bid

Before Bidding:

You must register on to be active to bid. It is important you know your User ID and Password. You will need this information in order to login to place your bids in the auction.

Print Steps 1-6 off if you need to.

How to Bid:

Step 1
Make arrangements to get your bidding fee to the listing broker as soon as possible. Once the listing broker has received your money, your account will be activated and you will be able to bid. Please note: You will only be able to bid on the specific auction you requested.

Also Note: You must have your bidding fee to the listing broker at least a few days prior to the end of the auction. You will not be able to bid until the listing broker has your bidding fee in the trust account.

Step 2
Click on the Auction you are biding on.

Step 3
Locate the "Place Your Bid Here" section and complete the following:

-Your Bid Amount
-Member ID
-Review your bid amount

-Complete by clicking on "Place Your Bid"

Step 4
Confirm bid amount and click on "Place Bid" again

Step 5
After bidding click the link to the Auction Page. Example 0000000015

Step 6
Check to see that your name is listed as the "Current High Bidder" and the "Current High Bid" will be the amount of your bid.

Keep In Mind:
Toward the end of the auctions time limit, the bidding increments may decrease to a lower minimum bid. The bidding increments will never increase. Example: Bid Increment: $5,000 to Bid Increment: $1,000. This means you will have less of an amount to bid for your minimum bid.

Each bid is a binding offer to purchase Real Estate in that specific auction. Do not bid unless you intend to buy the property at the amount of your bid.

This is when you will be required to click on the refresh button on your browser. Click the refresh button frequently to update the page especially towards the end of the auction's time limit. It is critical that you click the refresh button so you can see the latest bid and current time of the auction.

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