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Benefits to the Buyer:

The advantages of buying real estate online are numerous. Buying property online in the comfort of your home or office can be a convenient experience for anyone. No matter where you are, you will not have to drive miles and miles to only look at a piece of property when it can be displayed on your computer screen right in front of your eyes. The same principle applies for the auction date. You do not have to worry about arranging to get off work to travel somewhere to attend a traditional auction, when you have the convenience to bid nearby on a computer you have access to, whenever you desire. The biggest advantage from buying online is the time and effort you save, and we all know "time is money."

No Pressure:

After the auction has started, it will last for a certain number of days putting no pressure on you to bid immediately. During this time, you will want to see if this real estate is what you have been looking for and if it will fit in your budget. The pressure of deciding on the spot is over, giving you more time to think it through. Bid what you want, when you want, from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button.

People like to discuss major business decisions in private before they are forced to raise their hand at a traditional auction. There is no better place to discuss the situation than in the privacy of your home or business place. You will have time to make smart business decisions with the time we allow at our online auction.

Buyers in Control:

The buyers are in complete control of the price. They can bid as much as their maximum bid or as little as the "bid increments." It is entirely up to them. Buyers can establish their own strategies to best compete with the high bidder.

Display of all Bids:

Online auctions will display every bid in the "Bid History" showing your user name. Everyone will know which user bid, how much, and when it took place. This display of bids adds to the fairness of the auction. It can also help you with your strategy against the high bidder.

Don't Have the Internet?

If you do not have the internet available, no problem. Here are some suggestions of business people and buildings that most likely have the internet that you may deal with frequently. Sit down with your local banker, accountant, or attorney. If you can not get hold of these people ask your local school, college, or public library. The list we provided are some examples of who will most likely have the Internet in your area. If you do not feel comfortable using the internet, call the listing broker and we will help make arrangements.


Users that are activated to bid on our site are people who: accept our web site policies, and who transfers the correct bidding fee amount into our Trust Account. Most likely the bidding fee will be transfered over the phone and wired to our account or by check. If you are not the successful bidder your bidding fee deposit will be wired or mailed back to you the next business day. The only information we need over the internet is your general information for contacting purposes. It is a very safe and convenient way to buy real estate.

Please read and understand our "User Agreement" which gives you the terms you must abide while participating on this site.

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