FOR RENT - Crop & Grassland - 2,889+/- Acres - Advantage Land Co/ G3 Auction LLC

FOR RENT - Crop & Grassland - 2,889+/- Acres

Bids Due: Friday, Feb. 4th - 5PM

Since there is a fair amount of land to be converted into row crop production, we are offering a 3 year lease opportunity, on majority of the land, located just West of Redfield, SD. These   parcels of cropland and pasture are in a relatively close proximity with each other, for a total of 2,889.19+/- acres in Spink, Faulk, and Hand County for rent.  Payment and possession for the available land in 2022 will take place March 1st 2022. There will be old cross fences and rocks that will need to be cleared by the selected tenant within this lease term. There is also a 40’x80’ building offering a year round lease. Owners are reserving the hunting rights along with the 25.63 acres of building site and trees in the home site in Faulk Co. With this amount of acres in a well-known farming & Ranching community, you won’t find an opportunity of this size and caliber anytime soon! Take Advantage and put your bids in today! Owners reserve the right to reject or accept any and all bids.

Farm 1 (Faulk Co. Cropland): 925.95 Acres -
Bid as a unit

Farm 1 & 2 Legal: SW1/4 & SW1/4 of the NW1/4 of Sec 16, SE1/4 of Section 17, N1/2 of Section 21, and all of Section 22 excluding the N1/2 of the NE1/4 and the pasture land all in T117N-R66W in Faulk County.

FSA Crop Land Acres: 556.99             Non-Cropland Acres: 72.23   

Convert to Crop Land: 363.34+/- Acres


Farm 2 (Faulk Co. Pasture): 228.29 Acres - Bid as a unit


Farm 3 (Hand Co.):    2022 Crop Year: 471.76 Acres - Bid as a unit

Legal: The S2 of Sec 19-T116-R67W and the SE1/4 of Sec. 15-T116-66W

FSA Cropland Acres: 135.65+/-                      

Converted to Cropland Acres: 471.76+/-

2023 & 2024 Crop Year: 1,090.43 Acres - Bid As Unit

Legal: The SE1/4 of Sec. 15-T116-66W, the SE1/4 Sec 10, SW1/4 Sec 11, the W1/2 of Sec 14 and The S2 of Sec 19 all in T116-R67W.

FSA Cropland Acres: 1,024.02                       

Non-Cropland Acres: 66.41               

*HAND CO. NOTE* The S2 of Sec 19-T116-R67W and the SE1/4 of Sec. 15-T116-66W in Hand County are free and clear for 2022. However, possession for the remaining tracts in Hand County (SE1/4 Sec 10, SW1/4 Sec 11 and the W1/2 of Sec 14 all in T116-R67) will begin March 1st 2023.


Farm 4 (Spink Co.): 644.52 Acres - Bid as a unit

Legal: W1/2 of the NE1/4 and the S1/2 excluding 20 acres of Section 18-T116N-R65W, S1/2 of Sec. 8-T116-R64W EXCEPT the 4.22 acre homestead in the NW corner, AND the 7 acre homestead in the NE corner in Spink County.

FSA Cropland Acres: 472.52               Non-Cropland Acres: 34.59

Convert to Crop Land: 175.94+/-